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CONPHIC Co., Ltd. has made many text data from big data of paper-based documents.
After OCR paper-based documents, we create accurate text data as you request using our know-how.
We design the process plan e.g. using an appropriate OCR software depending on the age when the documents was printed and the condition of phototypesetting, using tools for proofreading, conduct final check by manpower, and so on.
In these processes, we can change a character code and give an attribute information depending on the later usage.
We can make the most appropriate offer depending on your budget. Please contact CONPHIC Co., Ltd. about text data of documents.

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Please contact CONPHIC Co., Ltd. which has a lot of experience in development and operation.

Please inquire about e-portfolio, Cloudclass, SiteWand, e-Legislation, system development, data conversion, and etc.

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