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CONPHIC Co., Ltd. provides a Japanese check tool and use the national list of Chinese characters in common use when we check sentences.
As I introduced in this blog, we also use 日本語スタイルガイド (Japanese Style Guide) to create a dictionary for the check tool.
As is indicated in the national list of Chinese characters in common use, when we make a digital data from paper-based documents, it is necessary to think carefully of the character that is different from the standard (variant characters) and decide the rules about it in advance with our customers.

I introduce some examples of terms indicated in Japanese Style Guide.
・Although the following terms are included in the national list of Chinese characters in common use, if how to read them is not written in “the list of Chinese characters,” it is better to avoid using them.

A lot of the examples like them are introduced.

In addition, this explains the writing skills for Japanese sentences clearly like the following:
・writing one meaning in one sentence
・writing with an appropriate number of the words
・using an appropriate subject and predicate verb
These skills are useful regardless of the types of documents, so please refer to it if you are intersted in these skills.

CONPHIC Co., Ltd. researchs and develops tools to process and analyze Japanese sentences.
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