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The new fiscal (academic) year started and you might get acclimatized to your new environment in your schools or offices.
I think some teachers might move to new environments and start their lessons there.
In case of teachers, when they move to other schools, the ICT environments change and they sometimes cannot use the same method of teaching as they did.

Regarding Cloudclass which CONPHIC Co., Ltd. provides to realize Active learning, you can use this system in units of entire school, entire department, respective subjects and respective seminars.
You can teach the same contents of the lesson in some schools, so it is possible to improve your efficiency of preparation for your lessons and you can teach in the same quality of lesson anywhere.
This system is installed on our cloud server. Therefore, it is possible to teach (learn) anytime and anywhere meeting your sercurity requirements.
In addition, it is possible to add this system in e-learning or syllabus. Please contact CONPHIC Co., Ltd.

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