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CONPHIC Co., Ltd. provides several types of tools to support drafting work (legislation) of laws and ordinances.
When an amendment act is drafted, in addition to a bill for partial amedment, a prallel table of the amending provisions and the original providions to compare the new law and the old one.
In this table, the old law is written in the lower column and the new one in the upper column and the ameded point is shown with a line.
You can find the examples of the prallel table in a page of the bills presented to the Diet from each ministry.

After making this table using a word processing software, a bill for partial amendment based on the contents is made and materials like outline, guideline and referred articles are prepared.
These “Outline,” “Guideline,” “Bill/Reason,” “Parallel table” and “Referred articles” are called as five-piece set and each material must be correctly created. This work is very hard.

CONPHIC Co., Ltd. develops several types of tools to reduce the work load of legislation using our know-how about document creation/management.
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