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CONPHIC Co., Ltd. develops and operates Translated Information Archiving Database system to support the internationalization of the universities.
Translated Information Archiving Database is a database system to release the information in the form of the parallel translation of Japanese and English e.g. the regulations and rules of the universities, the prospectus brochures and documents related to the introduction of the faculties and the departments.

To release the information for the students from other countries, I think many of you need translate the academic information. If the staffs in charge at each department order the translation respectively, you need unify the quality of the translation and translate the similar documents again and again.
Translated Information Archiving Database system enables to reduce the costs for the translation and improve the quality of the translation by managing all the academic translation assets at one hand and sharing the information.
It has several functions to support translation like context search function to find the translated terms.

Translated Information Archiving Database will be displayed at 2015 annual meeting of Academic eXchange for Information Environment and Strategy in Nagoya from Decemvber 2 (Wed.) to December 4 (Fri.). Please visit there.

We can also visit you to demonstrate it and you can try it. Please contact CONPHIC Co., Ltd.

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