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Regarding the following book which explains how to develop ASP.NET Web form by C#, we applied to a book viewer of WINGS project and are presented this book.

The presented book is “TECHNICAL MASTER はじめてのASP.NET Webフォームアプリ開発 C#対応版“.

This book has the detailed explanation per section and includes all the necessary information in the development from outline to application.
This book explains the detail from the basic skills about database cooperation we often develop. We recommend it to those who use ASP.NET for the first time.
About screen design which is important in the development of Web application, there are explanation from CSS to the cases using frame work. This book is useful if you always have it when developing Web applications as a textbook or a reference book.
In addition, you can download the samples used in the explanation, so you can learn refering to the book and data.
This book can be used as a textbook for those who want to learn ASP.NET hereafter and as a reference for those who already use it in the development work.

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