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CONPHIC Co., Ltd. provides the services of the data conversion and the text processing.

By seeing the terms used in the documents, you can unify the terms when you create a new document.
To extract the terms, we use the technology of morphological analysis.
Morphological analysis is a technology to analyze the pieces of the sentences per word class.

It is possible to conduct morphological analysis, count the number of occurrences of the terms in a document, use the results for the basic data of an index and develop a dictionary for translation.
In addition, you can use them to see the contents or the tendency of the big data of the documents and in case of Web data, you can use them for SEO measurement.

Making a full use of data assets makes it possible to improve the work efficiency and create the documents efficiently.
CONPHIC Co., Ltd. develops the systems and the tools related to the document creation.
Please contact CONPHIC Co., Ltd. about how to use the documents and the data.

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