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There is a book “NHK気になることば「サバを読む」の「サバ」の正体” edited by NHK announcement room.

With this book, you can realize change and interest of spoken languages.

There are a lot examples explained in this book like the meaning of “サバ,” the title of the book, “ごっこ” of “鬼ごっこ,” pronounciation of “明日” and so on.
The words change soon, so this book can be used as a reference of the origin and correct use of the words.
This book also includes the explanation about “St. Valentine’s Day.”
It is a day of memorial day of St. Valentine and this book also includes the consideration about the word “愛.”
It explains “Manyoshu” and Buddhist terminology.
“愛” is a term composed of one character of kanji, but it includes a lot of meanings. You can find the word has changed depending on age.

CONPHIC Co., Ltd. focuses on the terms used in the sentences and provides a function to check the technical terms and a tool to check how to use the terms in a context.
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