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CONPHIC Co., Ltd. develops a system to support document creation.

In creating a document, it is necessary to manage a series of workflow from writing to proofreading and publishing.
When some staffs work together as a group, all of them need understand the status of the document and it is necessary to avoid reworking and duplicate work.
In addition, when the work include an outsourcing work like translation, the workflow become more complicated.

I think you often use Excel to manage work, but when you need manage the sentence unit composing a document, it is hard to manage it with Excel, so it is necessary to build a database.
In addition, this is true of the work where multiple gourps work on a lot of documents at the same time.

We recommend developing a work management database for a work leader to check task progress and control the whole of the work.
By developing a work management database connected with document component management, you can make the work efficient and reduce the costs.

CONPHIC Co., Ltd. has a lot of experiences in design of workflow about document creation management and design of a database.
We develop the most appropriate system depending on your problems.
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