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CONPHIC Co., Ltd. develops and operates Web systems.

To operate an Web system, the designs and the programs are required to be made based on the browser environment of the customers.
Depending on how to use a system, the unspecific number of people may make an access to the system, so it is necessary to design a system where the users can display and process the data using various types of browsers.

The behavior like data processing, data display, printing and so on are different depending on the environment of the browsers and the characteristics of the browsers.
Even if the users use the same browser, they might use the different types. In this case, some kind of errors might happen. So when developing a system, it is necessary to check the environment to operate and ask you of the operation to be considered, and in addition, it is also necessary to always correspond to the upgrading of the environment by maintenance.

Web systems have a benefit that you can use them without installing a specific application, but they need a maintenance to correspond to the environment.

CONPHIC Co., Ltd. provides a maintenance service of our system as well as develops them.
In order to operate the systems securely, we provide our best services.
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