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CONPHIC Co., Ltd. provides a system consulting service as well as develops systems.

In order to develop a system considering work analysis and optimization of workflow, it is important how to define the system requirements.
It is necessary to clarify the purpose of the development of the system and implement the functions based on the purpose.
In addition, it is also significant to consider the age of the users, the skills of PC of the users and the environment of the system and to define the requirements.

Recently, we are often asked of the renewal of the exsting systems.
It is not the case of new system, so many of them consider to develop a new function using the exsting data or to apply the system to a new environment.

CONPHIC Co., Ltd. provides the total service from development of data to development and operation of system.
We can provide a system consulting service like the requirement definition for the renewal of system and consideration of the method to solve a problem if you commision the developer which developed the exsting system to develop a new system.
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