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CONPHIC Co., Ltd. develops and operates a tool and a system to support document creation.

Regarding the document creation of the products, there are the contents about the basic items of the products and the contents which are different depending on the lineup and the model of the products. If you make a document for each model respectively, you need make as many documents as the number of the products.
It is possible to make your work efficient by making the document including all the common items and the individual items of the products and separating the necessary file finally when you make a new document.

For example, if you have three models of device and explain the operation when the user turn on the power, you can write the manual like the following and output the necessary item depending on a model.


<Div Model="01">本体右上にある電源ボタンを2秒以上押してください。</Div>
<Div Model="02">本体左上にある電源ボタンを3秒以上押してください。</Div>
<Div Model="03">液晶画面の右上にある電源ボタンを3秒以上押してください。</Div>


By making the document including all the contents like this, for example, when you translate this document, you do not need to translate the same items again and again, thus you can reduce the costs for translation.

CONPHIC Co., Ltd. privide the efficient solution for document creation and management.
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