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CONPHIC Co., Ltd. develops and operates several types of Web systems

When using a system, you need enter an user ID and a password to log in to the system. When you use multiple systems, it is hard to enter them for each system.
If you have several systems, you can implement a common authentication infrastructure (an authentication server) and use the information authenticatd in the server for each system.

In the educational institutes, by developing an authentication server, it is possible to authenticate the information at one hand for each system always used for class registry, administration, academic affairs and syllabus system.
Recently, many universities allow the access from outside of the campus and prepare the environment where the user can use the systems after authentication from their home.

By preparing the environment where the users can use each system anytime and anywhere securely, they can efficiently conduct their tasks or learning.

CONPHIC Co., Ltd. not only develops a system but also provides the service of development of common authentication infrastructure and security diagnosis.
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