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CONPHIC Co., Ltd. creates various types of data for automatic composition.

If you want to change from DTP to automatic composition, you need convert the data into the data suitable for automatic composition (XML).
It is necessary to create the data available for automatic composition to make a layout suitable for your requests by giving elements and attributes for the composition.
Although it is possible to shorten the work time by automatic composition in comparison with DTP, the layout is different from the printing data adjusted in DTP and the layout is decided by a stylesheet.
We adjust the data and the stylesheet based on your requests.

We can make a sample data. If you now conduct DTP work and are interested in automatic composition, please contact CONPHIC Co., Ltd.

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Please contact CONPHIC Co., Ltd. We have a lot of experience in development and operation.

Please give us a request about e-portfolio, Cloudclass, SiteWand, e-Legislation, system development, data conversion, and etc.

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