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CONPHIC Co., Ltd. develops and operates an educational system making practical use of ICT.

The universities have a lot of systems for education, but the systems necessary for students and necessary for teachers and staffs are different.
It is essential to enable them to quickly make an access to the necessary systems depending on the status.
To avoid entering ID and a password for each system and feeling difficulty to find the entrance of the systems, many universities develop a portal site.

By developing the university portal, the users make an access to the portal and get the necessary information at that time at first and start the necessary system (a syllabus system, an e-portfolio system and etc.) smoothly. They can use the systems without feeling a fructration.

In a campus, there are many useful systems, but some of them might not be frequently used.
By developing an university portal, please use each system more efficiently and more effectively.

CONPHIC Co., Ltd. develops each system depending on the educational institutes.
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