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CONPHIC Co., Ltd. develops and oprates an educational system making practical use of ICT.

The widespread of tablets and smartphones enables us to make an access to an information anytime and anywhere.
The users can easily collect the information as a memo of their own and provide these information. The students who use SNS already have a skill to share the information.

Unlike SNS, for collection and review of the learning in a unversity, e-portfolio system is effective.
By collecting the outcomes of the learning, reviewing them and repeating the evaluation by others for the goal, you can check the results of the learning.
As you can learn effectively, we provide e-portfolio system after customizing based on your educational policy and the subjects of the department, but by using open sourses like Mahara, it is possible to develop a system at a low cost.

It is necessary to develop a system suitable for the evaluation items and the evaluation system. We develop a system after making the meeting about the outline.
CONPHIC Co., Ltd. develops a system based on your requests as you can always use it.
Please make any request in a meeting about development.

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