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Conphic develops and operates systems that support the creation of customer documents (sentences) using XML technology.

Data can be utilized as an information asset for many purposes by defining the document structure of existing documents and standardization.
Defining the structure mainly as XML is useful for standardizing the document structure.

All or part of the sentences can be reused by conversion to XML and documents can be efficiently revised when creating new documents or editing documents.
There are various standardizations based on the document and data type, and many of these standards have been published as open data.
Open data that can be used by anyone and data standardized independently can be used mutually by conversion to XML.

Conphic can convert a large number of documents into XML (database) and offers services for revision, history management, and editing functions of documents that have been converted to XML.
If you are facing any problems in preparing documents, please feel free to contact Conphic at any time.

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