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Cloudclass – realize Active Learning

What is Cloudclass?

Cloudclass is a web-based system for a learning environment.
This system promotes active communication and mutual learning between students on the Web.
You can instantaneously check the understanding of your students and visualize the achievement of the class with this system. In addition, since your lessons are recorded in this database, you can surely realize PDCA cycle.
We can confidently provide this valuable system to companies and government offices for the training programs as well as educational institutions.

CONPHIC Co., Ltd. provdes this system as a cloud service named as Cloudclass as many educational institutions and companies implement this system easily.

Class with Cloudclass

Cloudclass changes your lessons from passive learning to participatory class.
Teachers make lesson plans and timetables and prepare materials for the lessons on Cloudclass before the lessons. They can teach actively by showing thier students materials and questions in their lessons. Students try a lot of questions instantaneously in the lessons and certainly understand the lessons.
The answers to the questions are shown to the other students in the lesson anonymously and the students consult the answers of the other students and evaluate good answers. The students can understand more deeply by seeing and evaluating good answers. This model of lessons was awarded a prize in Information Processing Society of Japan in 2008.
This system has a bulletin board for each lesson, in which teachers answer the questions from their students and students state their opinion against the question from their teacher, even if the students does not have confidence to state their opinion in the classroom.

Realization of both functions of active learning and flip teaching

Instead of a blackboard, students use thier own PCs or tablets in the lessons. The lessons become very active because the students evaluate themselves and are evaluated by the other students on site.
In this system, the students can read materials before the lessons and do research beforehand. By making students understand the lessons and answer the questions before the lessons, teachers can check the answers and teach the students individually in the classroom.
Cloudclass realizes a effective learning with both functions of active learning and flip teaching.

How to implement this system

There are two cases to implement this system.

In case where the customer has or installs own server.

We can integrate this system into other systems. If you cannnot have a server outside your campus due to your security policy, we can install your own server on your campus and build the same environment as the cloud service.

In case where the customer utilizes the cloud service.

If it is hard to manage a server on your campus, you can use our cloud server.

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