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Multisite Management System “SiteWand”

Easy, Many, SiteWand


This is a multisite management system to make a lot of similar Websites and easily manage the multisite.
Magic wand in age of cloud “SiteWand”

Use case of SiteWand

For example, in case where a university has a Website (hereinafter referred to as “parent page”) and each laboratory in the university also has own Website (hereinafter referred to as “child page”), since each administrator updates the own Website, it is difficult to unify the items, design and news information.
With our SiteWand, you can manage and update common items and news in all your Websites at once.


  1. Reduction in cost for building a Website
  2. You don’t need to build or rent a server when you newly create a child page. You can make a new child page easily with a fixed sum of costs.

  3. Management and update of multisite at once
  4. You can update common contents and news in all the child pages at once.

  5. Manageability from both administrator of parent page and each child page
  6. In addition ot management of information updated from a parent page, you can post information from each child page.

More information

Please refer to the Website of Xacro Inc. about “SiteWand.”


CONPHIC Co., Ltd. provides SiteWand based on the cooperation with Xacro Inc..

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