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e-Legislation (Computerized Legislation)

CONPHIC Co., Ltd. provides tools to support such legislation work as drafting and amending laws. Regarding the documents composed of articles such as government laws, municipality laws, codes of the schools, terms and conditions and written agreement, we need manage these documents based on legislation rules.
We can offer systems to improve the efficiency of work regarding drafting and amending these document. In addition, we can provide translation of documents and systems for it.
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Example of our missions

  • Government laws
  • Terms and conditions
  • ISO documents
  • Municipality laws
  • Written agreement
  • Patent application sheets
  • Codes of the universities
  • Regulations in companies

and so on

Comparison of documents composed of articles

In drafting a new artcles, in order to use the sentences in the old documents or check the changes in amendment, we compare the new documents with the old one and make the comparison tables of these documents clearly showing the changes.
This comparison table can be used, for example, for information materials for examination of amendment of insurance clauses and for information materials for amendment of municipality laws.
In addition, you can instantly check the changes with a comparison table in amending the documents.

Check of document structure

We can unify the structure of the article documents made as printed documents.
By making electronic data (XML) of paper documents, you can unify the structure and find the deficiencies of the structure.

Check of consistency of expression

We can check the contents specifieid in the articles.
We can check the consistency of the expression and inappropriate words by establishing a dictionary based on your documents.

Building a database

We can build a database after the check of document structure and contents.
Based on your needs, it is possible to offer print data such as PDF or data for a word-processing software. In addition, you can use these data for your Websites or smartphones and tablets.

Management of amendment

We can provide CMS (Contents Management System) to manage the amendment in artcles.
We design a database and develop the administration page based on the idea of CMS and offer it as a total system of documents.

Making related documents

We can make related documents required for making a new documents and amending the documents.
We can automatically generate forms necessary for approvals. We can also use CMS and automatically generate the necessary documents for our customers such as a comparison table to clearly show the changes in amendment or information materials to clearly show the contents of the changes.

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