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e-portfolio – ensure the quality of education –

What is e-portfolio?

e-portfolio is a comprehensive database system for learning to collect the learning outcomes and realize the evaluation mechanism based on the outcomes.

  • “Collect” – Collection of Learning Outcomes
  • “Reflect” – Reflection of Learning Outcomes
  • “Design” – Design of Information for Publication
  • “Publish” – Publication of Information and Mutual Evaluation

e-portfolio is composed of these 4 steps and enables a continuous learning cycle of “Reflect,” “Design” and “Publish” (called as Portfolio Cycle).
This system can increase the power of brand of universities by improving the quality of learning and education and enhance the capability of career support.

CONPHIC Co., Ltd. cooperates with EMIT Japan Corporation, a venture company originating from Nagoya University, to develop and offer the best e-portfolio system for your university.

Refer to the Website of EMIT Japan Corporation.

Visualization of learning outcomes by integrating Rublic

Various system packages

CONPHIC Co., Ltd. develops and provides e-portfolio systems based on 4 types of basic systems depending on your purpose and scale.

Matrix (Rublic) type

Matrix (Rublic) type of e-portfolio system enables to evaluate the students not by the traditional way of grade points but by visualization of their strong points and weak points.
Universities or faculties define the target future visions of the students and evaluate their students based on not only their knowledges but also various evaluation items such as their communication skills and moralities.

Integraion type of facebook/twitter

You can collect usefull data from facebook and twitter and register the information as learning outcomes on e-portfolio system.

Role Model type

This type of e-portfolio system is for career support.
Universities or faculties collect the learning data of the former students. By refering to the data of the former students who work in target career, this type of e-portfolio system clearly shows the necessary learnings for the students.
By continuously registering the career information after graduation, this type can be used for the support for re-employment of women who stop their career tracks because of marriage or bearing.
(Implementation case: Japan Women’s University)

General-purpose type

This type realizes Portfolio Cycle where you repeat the cycle of goal setting, “Reflect” and “Publish.”
We can customize this type of e-portfolio based on the educational policy and learing plan of each university.

Workflow of Implementation

In case where the customer has or installs own server

In case where the customer utilizes the cloud service

Integration into other systems

We can make the learning environment more efficient and more effective by integrating the data of e-portfolio into ohter systems.

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