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Data Conversion Service

Data Conversion Service – make good use of information assets

CONPHIC Co., Ltd. provides Data Conversion Service from various data formats. Data is an important assets in the recent information society. We provides Data Conversion Service to convert these information assets to useful data formats and build a database.
You might have computerized data, but I think these files are just scanned data in many cases. You can use appropriately these useful information assets in various situation by building a database of these data with attribute information and unified standards.

Data Conversion Service to markup language

In order to make useful electronic data, we mark up text data with tag information.
We provide Data Conversion Service to a markup language such as HTML, Tex, SGML and XML based on your request.

Database Construction

In order to use a lot of information. it is effective way to build a database. We offer the most appropriate Database Management System (DBMS) depending on your system environment.
We design a versatile database to enhance the value of data and database as information assets.

Standardization of Data and Response to International Standard

In converting and marking up data, we design data structure within the guidelines of W3C (World Wide Web Consortium).
We can create data corresponding to the international standards such as DTD, RELAX NG.

XML Automated Composition

We can create XSLT including XSL-FO (XSL Formatting Objects) and make an appropriate layouts as data for Website and data for printing.
We can reduce more costs than making data with DTP (DeskTop Publishing) software.

One Source Multi-use

By building a database with valuable data and using these data in various purpose, the information assets become more valuable.
By gathering data of information into one source from all media like paper documents or Websites, you can update the information for all your purposes at once when you make changes in the data.

Data analysis

We can provide report service to analyze the information in big data. We develop data analysis tool based on your needs and make a report on the information in data.

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