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CONPHIC Co., Ltd. provides systems to promote the internationalization of the universities.
We provide “Translated Information Archiving Database.” You translate your campus information necessary for admission of international students and their campus lives and release these information in the form of a database.
With this “Translated Information Archiving Database,” you build a database of campus information like university regulations and university entrance guides in the form of parallel translation of English and Japanese, and you can release them.
Providing “Context Search Function” where you can consult the translated terms and “Translation Compliance Check Function” where you can check if you translate in accordance with a dictionary, this system can be used as a translation supporting environment.
In the universities, the departments asked translation companies to translate their own documents respectively, so they ordered the similar documents again and again and they could not standardize the translation terms.
It is possible to save your costs for tranlsation and standardize the qualities of translation by unifying the management of translation resources.
This “Translated Information Archiving Database” was granted a lucubration award in the last Academic eXchange for Information Environment and Strategy.
Please contact CONPHIC Co., Ltd. if you want to make a good use of translation resources on campus and promote internationalization of your universities.

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