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After creating a document, in order to check whether appropriate words are used in the created sentences, whether modification relation between sentences are clear, whether the subject is clearly indicated and so on, using a Japanese checking tool makes your work efficient.
CONPHIC Co., Ltd. can add a Japanese checking tool in a document creation supporting system.
We provide these tools customizing a dictionary and rules for checking depending on the kind of documents like manuals, legal documents and so on.

For example:
If you check this sentence, you can get a notice like the following:
Possibility of Registered Brand: 【宅急便】→【宅配便】
Inadequate Use of Japanese: 【下さい】→【ください】

We can provide a Japanese checking tool as well as add this function in a system. If you have any problem with your proofreading work and document creation work, please contact CONPHIC Co., Ltd..

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