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CONPHIC Co., Ltd. develops and operates several types of systems. Recently we sometimes hear the requests of the development of applications for smartphones.

アプリを作ろう! Android入門 Android Studio版 Android5対応” published by Nikkei Business Publications, Inc. is a book including basic items about appications for smartphones from preparation of development environment to release of applications.
You can download the sample codes and this book is very easy-to-understand.
You can use this as a text book for the practice lessons in your school. This book is my recommendation for those who develop an Android application for the first time.

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アプリを作ろう! Android入門 Android Studio版 Android5対応
published by: Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.
Author: written by “WINGSプロジェクト” Ken Takae, supervised by Yoshihiro Yamada
Release day: August 18, 2015

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 “Androidとアプリについて知ろう”
Chapter 2 “アプリをつくる準備をしよう”
Chapter 3 “Android Studioでアプリ作成を始めよう”
Chapter 4 “アプリでJavaの基本を学ぼう”
Chapter 5 “アプリに画像を組み込もう”
Chapter 6 “アプリを完成させよう”
Chapter 7 “アプリから画面を呼び出そう”
Chapter 8 “アプリをAndroid端末で動かそう”
Chapter 9 “アプリを公開しよう”

CONPHIC Co., Ltd. is planning to release Android applications to support your work.
Don’t miss it.

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