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2015 e-Learning Award Forum will be held for 3 days since October 28, 2015.

“e-portfolio to support career development of nursing profession based on the theory of competency” of Kitasato University Hospital Nursing Department and Kitasato University East Hospital Nursing Department won Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Prize.
e-portfolio of Kitasato University Hospital Nursing Department was developed by EMIT Japan Corporation and we developed the design.

The award lecture will be conducted on October 28 (Wed.). Please visit there.
2015 e-Learning Award Forum

 October 28 (Wed.)
 October 29 (Thu.)
 October 30 (Fri.)

 Sola City Conference Center

held by
 e-Learning Award Forum Executive Committee / Fuji Sankei Business i

Entrance Fee
 Free if you apply in advance.
 1,000 yen as an entrance fee if you do not make a reservation.

Supporters’ organization.
 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
 Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
 Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
 Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
 Information-Technology Promotion Agency, Japan
 National Council of Prefectural Boards of Education
 The Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry
 KEIDANREN (Japan Business Federation)
 Keizai Doyukai (Japan Association of Corporate Executives)

 ASTD International Japan
 Japanese Society for Information and Systems Education (JSiSE)
 Center for Educational Computing
 Japan Universities Association for Computer Education (JUCE)
 National Federation of Educational Policy Research Institutes
 Academic eXchange for Information Environment and Strategy
 University e-Learning Association
 the Japan e-Learning Association (JeLA)
 e-Learning Consortium Japanム
 Japan Open Online Education Promotion Council (JMOOC)
 Japan Society for Educational Technology
 Japan Association for Educational Technology (JAET)
 Japan Association for Promotion of Educational Technology (JAPET)
 Japan Computer System Seller Association
 Japan Audio Visual Education Association
 Japanese Association for Education of Information Studies
 Japan Electronic Publishing Association (JEPA)
 Industrial Promotion Plan of e-Learning and Digital Archives in Taiwan
 Mobile Learning Consorthium
 Moodle Association of Japan

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