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CONPHIC Co., Ltd. creates various types of data.

Recently we are often requested about data formatiing like conversion of word processor data into HTML data, HTML data into PDF data and so on.

When formatting the data, we ask how you use the data after formatting and in order to avoid doing the similar work again and again, we make an offer to convert the data into the data format you request after converting the data into versatile data (like XML).
It is possible for us to convert the data every time, but it is also possible to provide a formatting tool as you can convert the data into the necessary data format anytime.

CONPHIC Co., Ltd. has converted various types and large amount of data.
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Please contact CONPHIC Co., Ltd. which has a lot of experience in development and operation.

Please inquire about e-portfolio, Cloudclass, SiteWand, e-Legislation, system development, data conversion, and etc.

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