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Conphic develops and operates systems and tools that support the creation of various documents.

When preparing documents and translating to multiple languages, many people get the translations from translators who support that particular document type.
After placing the translation request with the specialized translator of a particular field, translation content received has to be reviewed by in-house sharing of information.
The information obtained by evaluating the quality and cost of translation can be used as a reference for subsequent translation requests.

When arranging for translation, quality during delivery can be estimated by confirming or negotiating the translation cost based on the evaluation information.
The evaluation should be performed after each delivery to collect the data for evaluation.

Conphic develops and operates various support systems for the creation of documents.
Both the translation arrangements and evaluation of translation results can be stored in the database along with the document revisions.
Customers facing difficulties in preparing documents can please feel free to contact Conphic any time.

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