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CONPHIC Co., Ltd. develops several types of tools and systems to create a document.

In the global society, I think you have a lot of opportunities to multilingualize the documents and transmit the information.
It is necessary to translate many documents like explanation of your products and specification documents of the companies and the guidance and regulations for the students from other countries of the educational institutes.

You need write easy Japanese sentences to translate.
In Japanese, we use an equivocal expression because of the characteristics of the language, so there are many cases we feel difficulty to translate (and interpret) the sentences.
 easy to understand = easy to translate
It is important to choose the expressions to clearly tell the intention using shorter sentence than the spoken language.

If you try to write the precise information, you tend to use the longer expressions.
To write Japanese to translate easily, it is better to use itemization and avoid the indirect expressions.

CONPHIC Co., Ltd. develops a tool to check the expressions in the sentences, componentizes the sentences and builds a database.
Regarding the documents with high speciality, we try the problem of how easily we can express the sentences in international society.
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