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CONPHIC Co., Ltd. develops several types of tools and systems to support a lesson using ICT.

According to the article of Nikkei Inc. today (May 8, 2016), Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications plans to implement the wireless local area network in all the elementary, junior high and high schools by 2020.
By implementing the wireless local area network, the digital textbooks and the contents for learning can be easily used.

the tablets and the smartphones will be used more frequently in the future.
CONPHIC Co., Ltd. has already developed the systems to manage the lessons using ICT like e-portfolio and Cloudclass.
These systems are operated on Cloud, so if you have the wireless local area network in your school, you can use them soon. Of course, you can make an access to them from the outside of school, so the students can collect the results of learning anytime like preparation and review at home, homework and self study.
They can be customized based on the education policy and evaluation criteria.

You can try these sysems anytime. Please contact CONPHIC Co., Ltd.

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Please contact CONPHIC Co., Ltd. which has a lot of experience in development and operation.

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